The circuit map

Accueil Circuit The circuit map

The tram circuit, the backbone of transportation

The tram will connect Gatineau’s west end to the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns, and its circuit will align with the existing major public transit axes. In this way, it will enhance access to the region’s cultural, professional and commercial hubs.

The optimal circuit

The circuit linking Gatineau’s west end to the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns was established further to an exhaustive analysis of different scenarios and based on several criteria, as follows :

  • population distribution and density;
  • peak period traffic and bus congestion;
  • the main trip generators and activity hubs;
  • the city’s expansion;
  • the proximity of existing and planned real estate and commercial developments;
  • projected trip times;
  • efficient service for the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns and alignment with the major public transit axes (Rapibus, O-Train, OC Transpo);
  • the Gatineau’s revised land use and development plan (SADR);
  • projected construction costs;
  • impact on built, heritage and natural environments; and
  • operational issues.

From Gatineau to Ottawa…

Gatineau’s west end will be served by two axes

  • the north axis will run along chemin Vanier, boulevard du Plateau and boulevard Saint-Raymond; and
  • the south axis will run along boulevard des Allumettières, boulevard Wilfrid-Lavigne and chemin d’Aylmer.

These two axes will share a portion between the intersection of boulevard Saint-Raymond and boulevard Alexandre-Taché, which will run along boulevard Alexandre-Taché and boulevard Lucerne, and then along rue Laurier. The tram will cross the Ottawa River on the Portage Bridge.

There are two possible options for the Ottawa side 

  • A tunnel under Sparks Street; or
  • At-grade on Wellington Street.

The National Capital Commission (NCC), as the federal approval regulator, through its Board of Directors, has already approved the at-grade option in principle, albeit without writing off the tunnel option.

* The circuit presented is indicative since the project is currently in the planning phase.

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