The main stages

Accueil Project The main stages

Project milestones

An infrastructure project of this magnitude involves several stages. The opportunity study is generally followed by approximately ten years of work leading up to its completion. The key milestones are set out below.


Dialogue and informal meetings with business and institutional sector representatives & residents’ associations.

Planning stage


Securing professional services

Pre-project studies

  • Data collection and updates (mobility studies, geotechnical studies, land surveys, etc.)
  • Definition of the tram’s characteristics
  • Insertion of the tram and redesign of public spaces in Gatineau and Ottawa
  • Public utility relocation studies
  • Station locations
  • Artwork and structure planning (Portage Bridge, Saint-Raymond overpass, etc.)
  • Identification of the maintenance and operations centre’s requirements
  • Tram operation study
  • Identification of acquisitions
  • Restructuring of the bus system
  • Estimation of work costs and timelines
  • Preliminary design
  • Analysis of the choice of mode (traditional or alternative)


Public and sector-specific consultation process

  • Public and sector-specific consultation meetings, ongoing.
  • Consultations with Indigenous communities, ongoing.

* The Sector consultations page will set out the ways in which the public will be able to provide feedback.


Environmental studies

  • Submission of the project notification to the ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs (MELCCFP) and of the form for federal land use, design and transaction approval (FLUDTA) to the National Capital Commission (NCC).
  • Coordination of Quebec (MELCCFP) and federal (NCC) government environmental processes.
  • Description of the receiving environments (biological, physical and human).
  • Identification of issues.
  • Consideration of climate change issues (GHG emission reduction, adaptation measures).
  • Preparation and submission to the MELCCFP of the Étude d’impact sur l’environnement (EIE) and of the Environmental Assessment (EA) to the NCC.

* Consult the Environmental assessments page to find out more about the two environmental approval processes that the Gatineau-Ottawa tram project will have to undergo.


BAPE public hearing

  • Public hearings
  • BAPE report


Impact assessment Agency of Canada

  • Public consultations


The different stages of the procurement process will be identified once the choice of mode (traditional or alternative) has been determined.


  • Plans and specifications
  • Completion of the planning stage


  • Issuance of the tram construction contract
  • Continuation of the preparatory work
  • Continuation of the acquisitions and construction agreements
  • Actualization of the municipal and transportation infrastructures
  • Acquisition and delivery of the rolling stock (tram) and systems
  • Off-load testing


  • Continuation of off-load testing
  • Public launch

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