The city’s attractiveness

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A metropolitan region transformed

In the same way as the major cities that are known for their public transit systems, the National Capital Region will see its status as a metropolis consolidated by the tram’s arrival. A powerful source of attractiveness for Gatineau and Ottawa.

For a more attractive city

The tram’s arrival will consolidate the status of the National Capital Region as a metropolis. In the same way as major cities like Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver, known across the country for their respective public transit systems, the Gatineau-Ottawa tram will be a powerful source of attractiveness for Gatineau and Ottawa. 

The city’s attractiveness
The city’s attractiveness

An undeniable attraction

With a circuit passing by several historical and heritage sites, the tram will have a positive impact on tourism. And because access to an efficient transit system is often a key factor in deciding where to live, it benefits the local economy and the development of new housing projects in Gatineau’s west end.

A modernized image

Fully revitalizing the arteries along the tram’s circuit will further modernize Gatineau and Ottawa, particularly through new infrastructure supporting active transportation and universal access. More than a mere transportation mode to generate movement, the tram will become an essential component in the region’s beautification and the sense of belonging and pride. 

The tram’s role in the economy

Given its greater frequency and circuit that will enhance the ease of travel between the main commercial hubs in Gatineau’s west end and the Gatineau and Ottawa downtowns, the tram may become a true engine of regional economic development. And by giving families the option of reassessing the need to own or buy a second vehicle, it will help reduce annual household expenses.  

Anchored in our values

In view of the fact that the climate emergency demands significant changes in behaviour, it is hardly surprising that public transit and active transportation are increasingly important to the new generations. An electric tram would align with the collective values of today’s and tomorrow’s generations, in full compliance with the Government of Quebec’s Sustainable Mobility Policy

The city’s attractiveness

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