Accueil Benefits Intermodality

On foot, by bike, by tram…

Installing a tram includes building infrastructures and introducing measures that support intermodality and thereby connect the tram with other modes of transportation.

What does intermodality mean?

Intermodality provides the opportunity for greater flexibility in the choice of transportation modes available to the population. It is designed to allow for a combination of several transportation modes for any given trip, while making it possible to adapt choices to the weather: taking the tram when it’s raining and riding the bicycle when it’s sunny out. 

The tram project is about more than just the tram! It’s about an array of measures that will offer the population a range of options for their day-to-day travels between home and the different activity hubs.


Combine your transportation modes!

Image showing various transportation modes to get to the tram station, which include walking, cycling, taking the car or the bus.

Advantages for cyclists

There’s no doubt about it, bicycles and dedicated public transit systems are a terrific match. That’s why the tram will be designed to encourage active transportation: bike paths running alongside the tram circuit in both directions, and bike racks inside the tram cars. 

Some stations will provide secure bike racks for those wishing to park their bicycle before boarding the tram.

Stations accessible on foot

Stations will be set up in residential areas and in employment, education and recreation hubs. They will be located within walking distance of residential areas and public places. 


Park-and-rides will let you park your car and continue on your way by tram, which is ideal when you want to avoid traffic or having to search for a parking spot near your destination.


Buses serving neighbourhoods

The Société de transport de l’Outaouais bus service will be restructured to provide a link between neighbourhoods and employment, education and recreation hubs that are farther away from the tram circuit. Those buses will get riders to certain tram stations, from where they can continue on their way to their destination.  

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