Accueil Benefits

Tram benefits

Urban transformation

A tram is not merely a mode of transportation: it is the project that will transform the city into an agglomeration that is more dynamic and alive, a veritable living environment. It is a key vector of land use and of economic, sustainable and social development.


Installing a tram includes building infrastructures and introducing measures that support intermodality and thereby connect the tram with other modes of transportation.

Universal accessibility

The tram stations and their boarding platforms will be built according to the principles of universal accessibility. Their infrastructures will be designed to make them accessible and safe for everyone.


The tram will have its very own reserved lane. This space will not be shared with other users of the road in the interest of safety and fluidity. There will be special safety measures for intersections, stations and park-and-rides.


The tram and its urban improvements will encourage the use of public transit and active transportation by providing alternatives to the car. It will also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in line with the Government of Quebec’s policy on sustainable mobility.

City’s attractiveness

In the same way as the major cities that are known for their public transit systems, the National Capital Region will see its status as a metropolis consolidated by the tram’s arrival. A powerful source of attractiveness for Gatineau and Ottawa.

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